Banana Tuesday

Tuesday brings Banana. Friday idk yet…

Last few weeks have moved so fast I wish I was a little further alone in the project but set backs and changes have delayed my progress. The good news is I am done with a huge part of the project, this will hopefully signify that the reveal will take place soon. I know this news isn’t very A-peel-ing but I would rather be honest with the progress. For the following week I will be work on some smaller sections of the project getting things more or less ready to show you. This will not be an end of the project but a reveal of the idea and a more complete look at what it is.

As always till next time my friend.




Angry Bubbles

Friday GIF!!! Someone recently challenged me to try to say Bubbles angrily. Subsequently I failed in my attempts. It seems only fitting as Ive never had a negative view on bubbles or have meet anyone with such a view. Bubbles are just innately good. So this Friday have some bubbles enjoy.

As for the project nothing new to report. I hope I will be ready in a little while longer. As always Ill be posting next Tuesday a video, Gif, or Picture as teaser of the goings on of the project.

Anyways till next time my friend.

Don’t Just Stare Say GoodMorning

Good day my friend. Tuesday is here and with it comes a picture, Im still progressing toward finally disclosing this project. Some interesting development have occurred since the last time I wrote. Some technical issues and some progress lost but with it an opportunity to do somethings a little bit better. I happily traversing the setbacks and I think Im back on track. If life throws lemons at your face, simply pick them up and make some lemonade.

I was hoping to be closer to disclosing but in all honesty I am just as far as I was last time. Still finishing this big part and I’ve got a smaller part still in the burner for later. In the mean time pleases enjoy this piece an homage to Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter RIP. I will probably post something in before Friday but like alway this Friday expect a GIF, video or Picture.

Alright till next time my friend.

Lest We Forget

Today is a day to Remember, a day for giving Thanks, a day to Honour. In spirit of this I bring to you a more somber themed picture. This is my contribution to this day. A way of thanking all those who fought for us, all who have suffered for us, all those who will in the future keep us safe. I hope today is not just a ordinary Friday, take the time today at some point to Remember.

Have a good Friday, next Tuesday expect another GIF,Video, or Picture. As for the project I am making headway sooner rather then later ill be sharing.

Alright till next time my friend.


Tuesday GIF

As promised Tuesdays aren’t just for tacos. Here is a little Gif of Dwarf mining for those elusive diamonds. As far a progress on the super secret project, I am getting there. I recently began on working on a very crucial part, I hope that by finishing this and a subsequently another small part to follow I will be ready to reveal. Im very exited at the prospect of sharing. On Friday expect a  new GIF,video, or Picture.

Anyway till next time my friend.

Teaser #2