Don’t Cry Wolf 01

As promised my friend today I will go in-depth and explain a bit of Don’t Cry Wolf. This project is a very small prototype I will be building for the next week or so. It an opportunity to explore AI behaviour, While keeping my other Projects separated. I have some Interesting concepts I think would benefit from actual prototyping.

The premise of the game will be you the Player aka “The shepherd” are tasked with keeping your sheep alive. The Sheep will feed from the vegetation around it, eventually  moving onto greener fields. The antagonist of the game will be the Wolfs, They hide and stalk the Sheep; Occasionally the wolfs will consume sheep for dinner. Bring you “The shepherd” into conflict with them. You will be tasked with deterring them from hunting, or cry Wolf and ask for help.

This game is taking inspiration from the story of the boy who cried wolf. I would like to incorporate a mechanic where you can mistakenly cry wolf deteriorating you relationship with the locals. The impact of relationship deterioration will be determined at a later point.

The other story I think would be interesting to explore in the mechanics is the 99 sheep 1 lost. If your not familiar with the story its about a shepherd that lost 1 sheep, goes looking for the one sheep while leaving behind 99 other sheep. Mechanical I would be interested incorporating a reward vs risk decision.

Other details to be included in this prototype will be  building and some resource gathering. I find the game “Don’t Starve” to have a fascinating building and survival game loop, I will be taking inspiration from them.

This should be a very quick prototype where the main focus will be in the game AI. I will eventually share this game with you my friend as soon as it is in a playable state. I hope to start streaming the development check Twitter if your interested. This Friday I will be posting in-depth update of what I’ve learn and accomplish.

As always have a good one my friend, till next time.