Life Happens

Hello my friend its been close to a month since I’ve posted an update last. Life is chaotic sometimes, last few weeks has truly been unexpected with ups and downs. Today I won’t be disclosing the project as I’ve put it on hiatus at least until new years passes. My reason for this decision has come down to burn out and a desire to flush out my ideas. Regardless during this pause I will be working on much smaller projects. Today I have the chance to show you the recent going ons and  what to expect soon.

On the 9th of December I part took in Ludum Dare #37. If you are un familiar with the competition, It is a 48/h solo game development challenge. You are tasked with building everything from the code, art, music, design, sound effects, etc from scratch. Hardcore mode if you will. A real challenge that will be filled with sleep deprived code, rushed art, sometimes no music if time won’t permit. The game must fit a unified theme that is reviled upon initialization of the competition.

Life happens and during my participation of the competition I had to abandon my efforts . Life will always take precedence over Ludum. Morally this was hard for me to accept. The following few days I had to attend to life and try to recover from the physical toll that a 48/h completion will leave. Eventually I did get around to finishing the my game.

The game :

I wanted to be true to the sprit of the completion. As a tribute or an unofficial entry to LD#37 I did my best to only finished what was started. This game has its flaws and its still missing a lot of work before I would consider it fun. I will be making a later post talking about the flaws and how I plan on fixing it. I look forward to getting my hand dirty cleaning up the code bringing new functionality to the game loop. Expect the post sometime next week or two.

In the meantime I began Working on another quick prototype… Don’t Cry Wolf .I will talk about this Tomorrow and Friday.





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